Our Deacons

Left to Right:
Kathie Thatcher, Rose Speck, Craig Brauner, Joy Blacketer, Madeline Bednarek

Why We Need Deacons!

It is not necessary for us to do everything all by ourselves.  It is important to empower others to help us. With others helping it frees us up to spend more time for prayer and the ministry of the Word.  This is the reason why they needed deacons back in the early church (Acts 6:1-7), and this is why we need them today.
From early in the church there were deacons, even women deacons like Phoebe (Romans 16:1-16).  In Saint Paul’s Letter to the Romans people were encouraged to welcome her and help her.  Saint Paul also greeted an amazingly diverse group of people!  We celebrate this diversity in our new deacons.  May we greet them with a holy kiss.
In the Bible (Luke 10:1-12) the Lord appointed seventy-two; He used a lot more than just the twelve apostles to fulfill His mission.  The seventy-two were told to bring peace into whatever house they entered (House Blessing).  They were called to share in table fellowship (Serve at Mass and Communion Services).  They were told to cure the sick (Anointing of the Sick).  They were called to proclaim the Kingdom of God (Homily).  Our deacons will do all this, plus Baptisms, Wedding Ceremonies, Renewal of Marriage Vows, Distribution of Holy Communion to the Sick and Homebound, Last Rites in Time of Need, Rosary Prayers for the Deceased, Funeral Services, and Graveside Services.

Deacons Serving at Holy Communion Church


God has been drawing me closer to His Divine Heart for all my life.  In 2016 I moved to Oregon. He called me to begin attending weekly Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and it has radically changed my life.  Only 1 hour of silence to sit at the foot of the Cross was an opportunity to let go of the craziness, busyness, anxiety, and noise of this world.  I believe the Lord has now called me to become a Deacon, asking me to serve my Brothers and Sisters in Christ by the offering of Adoration to the community of HCC and potentially praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy together. 

I look forward to serving in any way I am needed for the coming of His Kingdom.  I am honored and humbled to be accepted.  Thank you to everyone.  You are my Faith Family.


I have been a member of Holy Communion Church since its inception.  I have served as both a Lector and as a Eucharistic Minister. 

As a Deacon, I feel called to help with the liturgy, recruiting, training and scheduling Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and Altar Servers.  I am also willing to assist at Mass and serve in any other capacity as needed.


Rose Speck was born in South Dakota and lived until college in San Diego with her parents and 10 siblings.  She moved to Bend after graduating with a Physical Therapy license and worked for 40 years as a PT while helping raise her seven children.

Over her career she enjoyed working in numerous settings, but especially with the elderly serving on the Ethics/IRB committee, served five years on the PT Licensing board for the state of Oregon and after retirement with the Ombudsman Program. 

As a Deacon, she hopes to continue her service with setting up programs to serve the elderly in Assisted Living/Adult Foster Home settings, and to be of service wherever she is needed in the church.


Craig Brauner was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Bend, Oregon in 2018.  Before arriving in Oregon, Craig worked as an actor and arts educator in the Greater Los Angeles area.  Currently he works as part of the Admissions Team at OSU-Cascades and is the founder of Ellipse Theatre Community (ETC), a 501(c)(3) Arts and Education non-profit.  

As a Deacon, Craig hopes to blend his heart of faith with his heart of service for the good of all.


As a transplant from the East Coast over 30 years ago, I’ve come to really enjoy living in Oregon.  In my past life I was a Registered Nurse and loved caring for others.

Although retired, I will strive to continue this concern and caring as a Deacon and member of Holy Communion Church.