About Kids Church

Kids Church is kid friendly one-hour weekly program designed to introduce children from pre-school through 5th grade in a group setting to God, Sundays from 11 am to noon at Holy Communion Church.
During Kids Church, children will learn the basic principles of the good news of Jesus Christ, how God Loves all children, how He gives us hope, and how to live our lives loving Him in return.
Children need a place to be inspired, educated, and heard while developing their faith. Kids Church is precisely that place.
Kids Church uses engaging activities (songs, games, crafts) and modern technology (video, animation) to bring these lessons to life.
While your children attend Kids Church, know they are in an emotionally and physically safe environment (and having a great time!)
We encourage you to join us for Mass at the same time in the main sanctuary, allowing you to be spiritually uplifted, inspired, and recharged for the week ahead.
Please join us Sundays at 11 am for Kids Church & Mass at Holy Communion Church.
* KIDS CHURCH follows the school schedule and will be OFF during Summer months.
“I wish we had a Kids Church option within the Catholic church when my children were little. Kids are excited to attend, to learn about God and develop a lifelong, loving relationship with Him. Kids are having so much fun there! It’s such a gift.”
– Michelle Klein

we can’t wait to see you!

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Kids Church

*KIDS CHURCH follows the school schedule and is OFF during Summer months.
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