Our Mission


we are a faith community
guided by the love of jesus christ
to transform hearts
serve others
and enrich all lives.

Our Vision

In Response to God’s Call
We Reach Out in Joyful Service
to the disenfranchised of all faiths

to the poor & needy
to the vulnerable
to the wounded & suffering
to the hungry & homeless
to the widows & orphans
to the fatherless

Our Prayer

Oh, Loving God,
With Grateful Hearts  we join together
with our savior jesus christ
in reaching out and caring for all
for whom our lord came,
gave the eucharist,
the living words of scripture,
sacrificed his life,
and opened the way to eternal life.
In union with the holy spirit
we ask your guidance and help
in carrying out the mission
for which you have called us
as diverse but unified members of
holy communion evangelical catholic church.
in the name of jesus we pray,